Optimum Movement is keen to make our services available to all those who would benefit and do not believe those living remotely should be restricted in their therapy.  For this reason we are happy to conduct therapy sessions with teachers and/or parents through the assistance of tele-health where needed.

Telehealth has become an increasingly popular way of delivering health services. It is defined as the use of technology and devices to deliver therapy services via mediums such as internet, phones or video conferencing. This means therapy can happen at anytime and at any location. Telehealth also allows you to invite other people or therapists to join your sessions who may be located in different areas.

While telehealth was initially established within our practice to service those in regional and remote areas, the onset of COVID-19 has meant that this practice has become much more widespread and readily accepted. We are also able to transition therapy sessions to telehealth should you be unwell and no longer able to attend your planned session

Telehealth is available for both occupational therapy and physiotherapy and we can link with other medical professionals to ensure that we are offering the most holistic and cohesive approach to your therapy sessions.

What you need:

  • A phone/iPad/computer. (must have microphone and camera)
  • Internet connection

Your therapist will send you an email with the link with their “meeting room”. This is password protected and a waiting room is in place so that only you can join your therapy session. We work with the resources you already have at home so that therapy is easily transferred into your environment. No special equipment is required.

If you think your child would benefit from Telehealth, please contact us.