Developmental & Neurological

Paediatric physiotherapists provide treatment for babies, children and adolescents who have concerns with movement and gross motor skills in a fun engaging environment. We understand that treating adults and children are very different. Children learn while having fun and therefore we strive to ensure that therapy is fun.

We aim to improve a child’s movement abilities through the use of functional skills training. We are goal directed physiotherapists and use motor learning principles to guide our therapy. We are able to provide assessment and advice for equipment prescription, and also provide hydrotherapy. We can provide clinic based or mobile visits.

We run gross motor groups including a kids pilates group and a ninja group.

We work with a wide range of conditions from children with coordination and balance concerns through to children with neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy and acquired brain injury.


Our paediatric physiotherapists are happy to provide water based (or aquatic) physiotherapy on an individual basis.

Aquatic physiotherapists use a targeted program in the pool to address goals to improve a person’s strength, posture, balance or walking.

Exercise and therapy in a heated pool allows independence of movement that may not be possible on land. The buoyancy of the water supports your body and makes walking and movement in the water easier.

Aquatic physiotherapy also improves circulation, increases muscle relaxation and reduces pain.