"You don't stop moving because you grow old, you grow old because you stop moving."

Sports Injury & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

When pain, stiffness or injury is affecting your ability to function then physiotherapy can often be of assistance.  Whatever your injury, our physiotherapists are here to help.  Whether you’ve hurt yourself playing sport, twinged your back gardening, or have a chronic shoulder problem we can work with you to get you functioning again.


What Types of Injuries do Physiotherapists See?

Our physiotherapists can help with a range of conditions including:

  • Sports related injuries
  • Back and neck pain
  • Joint pain and stiffness
  • Muscle or tendon related injuries
  • Rehabilitation from broken bones and surgery

What Does a Physiotherapist Do?

Our physiotherapists utilize a variety of interventions to assist in your recovery and help you attain your treatment goals.  These include:

  • Joint mobilisation and manipulation techniques
  • Soft tissue mobilisation and massage
  • Muscle re-education and motor control training
  • Therapeutic exercise prescription
  • Postural correction and advice
  • Dry needling

Our treatment is specific, personalised and evidence based.  Your rehab program will take into account your lifestyle, work, study or sport commitments and will progress you until you’ve achieved your treatment goals.  When required, we work with other medical specialists to ensure you are getting the best outcomes.

How Soon should I see a Physiotherapist?

In most instances the sooner you see a physiotherapist the better.  Your physiotherapist will be able to give you advice on best management of your injury to stop it from getting worse.  In conjunction with your physiotherapist you will also develop a rehab plan to get you back to normal & doing the things you love.

Do I need a referral?

As physiotherapists in Australia are first contact practitioners in most instances you do not require a referral.  However, if your injury is related to the following you may need a referral from your GP:

  • Workers Compensation Claim;
  • Motor vehicle third party (CTP) claim;
  • Medicare claim;
  • Veteran Affairs claim

Can I claim for physiotherapy on my private insurance?

Most private health insurance companies partially cover the cost of physiotherapy.  It is best to check with your insurer prior to your appointment.