Common Reasons to Visit a Physiotherapist

Have you ever visited or consulted a physiotherapist before? Well, if you aren’t an athlete who’s had a serious injury ever, I guess you’ve never crossed paths with a physiotherapist in your lifetime. Well, that’s good because physiotherapy is often associated with moderate to serious injuries. However, the truth is that a wide array of medical conditions can be treated (as well as prevented) with physiotherapy. Read on to find the most common reasons to visit a physiotherapist.

Dizziness and Vertigo

physiotherapy Sunshine Coast  is commonly known as physical therapy, and is actually good for patients of all ages. It utilizes an assortment of methods for treatment including electrotherapy, heat therapy, muscle stretching and joint manipulation to treat issues with muscles, skeletal system and other parts of the body.

Physiotherapy can also relieve ailments such as dizziness and vertigo (along with other balance problems). A physiotherapist can help treat or alleviate common sources of vertigo or dizziness like cervical spine dysfunction or ear problems (namely issues with the ear’s vestibular apparatus).  So, if you’re experiencing dizziness, consult with your doctor, or physiotherapist quickly because this could indicate more serious medical problems.

Management of Diseases

This may sound alarming but around 50% of people worldwide today are living, and suffering, from chronic diseases such as obesity, arthritis and rheumatism, hypertension, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and pneumonia/emphysema. The good thing is that physiotherapy Sunshine Coast  can actually help treat or ease these conditions.

A physiotherapist can do anything from crafting a safe and potent exercise regimen to directing or assisting with pain management methods such as muscle manipulation, heat or electrotherapy and others. So, if you suffer from any of the chronic diseases mentioned earlier, perhaps its high time you see a physiotherapist!

Postoperative Care and Relief

If you’d undergone surgery for whatever medical condition or injury, it doesn’t mean that you’re already “cured” of your ailments. This explains why many folks who’ve already undergone surgery still need physiotherapy to fully regain their strength, mobility and motor functions.

Most physiotherapists today are fully trained in post-operative care and relief. Some perform their work in hospitals while others help patients regain their strength and function at home. The interventions may include performing simple exercises to minimize blood clots or chest infections, to doing a combination of strengthening and range of motion (ROM) exercises.

Pain Management

Another major benefit of undergoing  physiotherapy Sunshine Coast is that it’s effective for pain management. Regardless of whether the pain is due to an old or recent injury, or is something chronic, the physiotherapist can target the problem area, identify the underlying cause of pain and utilize a combination of therapies to effective relieve or manage pain.

A physiotherapist can also rehabilitate a person’s body from other accidental injuries or impairments like fractures, sprains and soft tissue injuries. In these examples, the physiotherapist can help quicken the healing process, as well as prevent any further injuries from flaring up in the future.