4 Tips for Reducing your Childs Screen Time

It is imperative to reduce your children’s screen time as they may engage in risky behaviour when they become older. These electronic gadgets may keep your children occupied but parents may not desire excessive exposure of their loved ones to them. Therefore, it becomes essential to decrease the screen time of your children. You may seek assistance from occupational therapy sunshine coast to help your children spend less time watching television or playing video games. You may find it a tricky job to set limits on televisions and smartphones amid the massive technological revolution. The tips below will help you bring down the screen time of your child:

1. Plan a time to keep gadgets aside

It is essential to set aside a time for all family members to stay away from their electronic devices. It may be for an hour before bed or evening time when you may take your children to the park for some outdoor play. This will give your family members an opportunity to spend quality time with each other.

2. Try to set a good example

Parents can influence the behaviour of children to a great extent. Therefore, parents must become role models for their children when it comes to screen usage. Before you grab your smartphone, tablet, or watch the television, make sure you are setting an example for your children. The lesser time you spend watching television or browsing smartphones, the stronger message it will convey to your child. You may find several reliable centres that will be OT for kids.

3. Make sure you know the perils of social media

Children of the current era are highly tech-savvy. They can operate electronic gadgets with great ease and gain knowledge of new apps faster. Therefore, parents must remain aware of the latest apps, games, perils of excessive social media use, and trends, among others. For instance, you may not be able to inform your children about the disadvantages of social media unless and until you are aware of these risks yourself. So it is necessary to be on your toes when it comes to the various dangers of social media. Contact occupational therapy Gold Coast if you face any hassle in establishing healthy communication with your children.

4. Establish technology-free zones

It is necessary to create some zones in your home where you cannot take your electronic gadgets. The area must be segregated from the rest of the house and no gadgets like smartphones, tabs, video games, or laptops should be allowed there. For instance, you may make your dining or kitchen area the zone where no electronic gadget should be allowed. You must keep these zones available for healthy conversation over the meal. It will also help in enhancing the bond among all the family members.


The above tips will certainly help in declining the screen time of your children. OT for children will help in improving the everyday skills of your child and help him become more independent. Encouraging your child to participate in some fruitful activities will assist in bringing out their best. It may include reading an interesting book, playing outside, or making a beautiful sketch. It will help to keep your children away from electronic gadgets and video games.