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Comprehensive assessments are available to identify a child’s strengths and areas of difficulty.  We use a combination of standardised assessments, non-standardised assessments and clinical observations.  The type of assessment used will be dependent on a child’s concerns but can include:

  • Developmental assessment
  • Motor skills assessment (fine motor and/or gross motor)
  • Handwriting
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Hand function
  • Sensory Processing


Optimum Movement strongly believes that assessment and therapy should be a collaborative process between parents, teachers, health professionals and the child. For this reason questionnaires will be sent to home and school prior to assessment to gain further information regarding a child.

Assessments are preferably conducted in the clinic and parents are strongly encouraged to be a part of the process.  This allows the Therapist to further discuss a child’s areas of difficulty and goals of treatment.

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Optimum Movement works individually with each child and parent to provide an individualised therapy session that meets the specific needs and goals of the child.  Therapy sessions are aimed at being educational to parents as well as fun and engaging to the child.  Graded play-based therapy develops new skills and improves confidence and self-esteem.

We liaise with teachers and other health professionals involved throughout the process to discuss goals, provide advice and report on a child's progress.

Therapy is goal-orientated and function based.  Our therapists work to identify areas of difficulty, strengthen new skills and help children to develop cognitive strategies to perform motor-based skills.

Optimum Movement offers both individual and group therapy sessions and are happy to work in the clinic, at school or in the home.

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Our experienced OTs can provide individual prep screening assessments to ensure a child's readiness for the school environment.  We also provide group prep screening assessments to prep students in numerous schools including state, catholic and private schools.  Close liaison with teachers and learning support teachers are an imperative step in this process.

A report follows all prep screening assessments.

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Optimum Movement is keen to make our services available to all those who would benefit and do not believe those living remotely should be restricted in their therapy.  For this reason we are happy to conduct therapy sessions with teachers and/or parents through the assistance of tele-health where needed.

Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

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Optimum Movement realises the benefits for both parents and schools to be actively involved with children in their learning environment.  Our therapists currently work in a number of schools offering group and individual therapy sessions.  This enables us to engage closely with the teachers on the goals of the child.

We also provide an Occupational Therapy screening service to schools which assists in identifying those children who may benefit from more specialised Occupational Therapy services.  Each child is given a summary report available for both the schools and parents.

Schools have also benefited from in-services and workshops delivered by our therapists to teachers and parents.  This can be tailored around a range of topics to meet your needs.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how your school could benefit from working with Optimum Movement.

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Optimum Movement offers a range of paediatric physiotherapy services depending on your needs and where you live.  We currently have physiotherapists located at our Ormiston clinic and link with a range of physiotherapists at our other locations.  If you would like to discuss how our physiotherapists can be of benefit to you please call us on 3821 3399.


On the Gold Coast Optimum Movement works closely with the physiotherapists from Physio 4 Kids.  Our occupational therapists also provide weekly clinics from their location at Robina.

For more information on Physio 4 Kids please visit their website.


On the Sunshine Coast Optimum Movement works closely with the physiotherapists from Sunshine Coast Developmental Physiotherapy.  Our occupational therapists also provide weekly clinics from their location in Minyama.

For more information on Sunshine Coast Developmental Physiotherapy please visit their website.


In Brisbane Optimum Movement works with the physiotherapists from Movement Solutions with our occupational therapsists visiting their clinic in Coorparoo.

For more information on Movement Solutions please visit their website.

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Optimum Movement collaborates with a number of speech and language pathologists throughout South East Queensland. 

Let's Talk Let's Eat

The speech pathologists from Let's Talk Let's Eat currently run regular clinics from our Ormiston location and work collaboratively with our occupational therapists.

For more information on Let's Talk Let's Eat please visit their website.

Complex Speech & Communication Solutions

On the Sunshine Coast we work with the speech and language pathologists from Complex Speech & Communication Solutions.  Our occupational therapists also work from their clinic in Minyama.

For more information on Complex Speech & Communication Solutions please visit their website.

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Optimum Movement also collaborates with a visiting paediatrician.  Dr Gaj Panagoda from Superkid Rehab offers a clinic from our Ormiston Location.  Dr Panagoda is a specialist paediatric rehabilitation physician and general paediatrician.  He is a strong believer in working closely with allied health professionals and families to achieve agreed goals.

If you would like to make an appointment with Dr Panagoda please call Superkid Rehab on 3393 2001.  For further information on Dr Panagoda please visit the Superkid Rehab website.

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Optimum Movement is an experienced provider of case management for third party CTP claims.  Please contact us on 3821 3399 if you would like to discuss case management with us.

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Education/Training/Professional Development

Optimum Movement provides in-service training and education sessions for schools, therapists and parents either on specific conditions or in developing specific skills.

We are happy to discuss your educational needs and tailor a course and/or in-service training to meet your specific goals.

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Fees for services are dependent on the type of service requested and duration of the session. Please contact us for further information about our prices.

You may be eligible for funding or able to claim rebates for therapy services.


Cancellation Fee

Please be aware our therapists often have waiting lists for appointments and by not informing us of your non-attendance you may be denying another person of an earlier appointment.

We appreciate at times there are circumstances where you may be unable to attend a scheduled appointment.  If so we request you give us the courtesy of phoning the clinic to inform us as soon as possible.  Failure to notify us may result in the charging of a cancellation fee.

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