Jacqui Rayeroux

10 Fun Facts About Jacqui

What is your favourite movie? Buster and Billie 

What is your favourite food? Any Asian Food 

Who is you favourite band? Massive Attack

Where were you born?  Mauritius 

What did you love to do as a kid? Draw, art

What did you think you were going to be growing up?  A Lawyer

Do you have any pets?  A beautiful cat named Fuzzi

Tell us an interesting fact about you? I speak 3 languages

Who is your favourite Disney Character?   Despicable Me 

Who are the four people you would most like to have a conversation with? Brad Pitt, Jimmy Barnes, Ian Moss, Anna Kendrick

Jacqui carries out receptionist duties at Optimum Movement and has previously been a medical receptionist for surgeons and specialists.

Jacqui is enthusiastic worker at Optimum Movement and enjoys offering assistance and support to the  Therapists within the practice. She also enjoys the  rewards of dealing with families of special needs children and seeing the benefits that come out of the sessions.