Paediatric Physiotherapist

Eduardo Duarte

As a Physio I love being able to support families navigating their child development journey.

Some Fun Facts About Eduardo

What did you love to do as a kid?  Ride my bike around the neighbourhood pretending I was exploring new places.


What did you think you were going to be growing up? Growing up I used to think that I would be an actor.


What is your favourite food?   Moqueca Capixaba (Brazilian Fish Stew).


Tell us an interesting fact about you? I love dancing.


Where in the World would you love to go?   I would love to go to Greece.


What is your life motto?   Enjoy the little moments.

Eduardo has over 5 years of dedicated experience in paediatric rehabilitation, specifically focusing on early intervention.  As an enthusiastic student, he took a proactive role in planning, implementing and overseeing a successful wheelchair dance program, fostering creative expression and body movement in children with disabilities.

Embracing a family-centred approach, Eduardo’s professional journey had been marked by a commitment to supporting children’s development within their own environments.  This experience has shaped his expertise, enabling him to contribute meaningfully to early childhood intervention in diverse settings across Brazil and Australia.

Eduardo is currently pursuing a PhD at the Australian Catholic University where he is deeply engaged in co-designing a dance program tailored for children with Cerebral Palsy, highlighting is dedication to advancing early childhood intervention.  His ongoing dedication to continuously support families to navigate their child development journey positions him as a dedicated advocate for the well-being of children with disabilities through early intervention practices.

Beyond his academic and professional life, Eduardo finds enjoyment in outdoor activities and cherishes quality time spent with family and friends.

Eduardo works from our Cleveland clinic.